We recruit and cultivate the human resources

that support the future of the industry.

HR Recruiting & Cultivation

Recruiting of personnel needed for various occupations

Career Workshops

We invite experienced members of various professions to come and teach the diverse range of skills needed in the apparel careers directly to attendees so that they can experience what makes the industry great. At the same time we also hope to prevent early turnover of those hired with insufficient knowledge of the industry.

Joint Enterprise Briefings

We actively promote recruitment by inviting students together for PR sessions explaining the appeal of a career in apparel.

Cultivation of Fashion Personnel

Modelist Forum

The modelist forum is held with the intent of improving technical skills and to cultivate modelists capable of crafting products that will reach out to the world.

Knitting Seminars

These lectures allow attendees to learn about knitting and choose specific courses on topics that interest them from ranges spanning beginner to advanced.

Profession‑specific Seminars

We hold various seminars for increasing skills in the many professions specific to apparel.