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We propose business environments that are
win-win for all parties concerned.

Structural Improvement & EPA/FTA Practice

Application of BMS(Business Message Standard)

We clarified EDI transaction rules with the retail industry and settled on a single standard domestic EDI. We also conduct cross-industry analysis in order to make mutually applicable sharing of information as smooth as possible.

New Business Models Using IC Tages

IC tags have been proven to be effective not only in logistics but also improving storefront operations (schedule reduction and accurate product management). We also apply business intelligence to better understand the tendencies of customers and research ways to utilize this information in MD planning.

Distribution Systems that are Eco‑friendly and Inexpensive

We research logistic systems like spreading the use of reusable hangers and returnable boxes (recyclable cardboard containers or folding containers) in order to promote environmental-friendly distribution.
We have also established a council to spread JAICS-L system, which is designed to make interaction with shipping companies more efficient and conduct operational management with the consent of the shipping companies and apparel brands.

EPA/FTA Practice

Due to the removal of tariffs due economic partnership agreements promoted by governments, global trends are changing as new production bases and sales developments emerge. We provide business data on the possibilities for entering the marketplace in China with its remarkable growth and the rest of Asia, as well as suitable production and sales locations that will best benefit all sides.

Protection of Intellectual Property

One problem in Asia as it emerges as a new market is infringements upon intellectual property rights. We work alongside the Japan Textile Federation, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and JETRO to explore way to protect intellectual property rights and resolve this issue.