We provide support in
reaching out towards new markets.

Business Support

Support for Stepping into the International Marketplace

Advancing and Expanding in the Asian Marketplace

With a motto of “harmony within Asia,” we provide sensitive marketing, business pairing, test sales, and PR support for high-quality Japanese apparel and fashion brands looking to enter or expand within China and the rest of Asia.

Stepping into the Global Fashion Market

We provide backup for brands taking part in trade shows held in Paris and other Western fashion capitals.
Participating brands receive as much cooperation as they desire, with JAFIC serving as a pipeline to JETRO and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry that provides continual support for their advancement overseas.

Sales Promotion in the Domestic Market

Men’s Market Sales Campaign “KOROMOGAE”

We hold this B to C event in cooperation with department stores, which are the most important market for men’s apparel in Japan.
By designating October 1st as “businessmen’s KOROMOGAE day,” we endeavor to strengthen awareness of the historic Japanese custom of “KOROMOGAE” (or a seasonal changing of wardrobe) and thus stimulate replacement of products.

Ladies Market Sales Campaign “BRAND GUARDIANS”

We run social media-centric campaign built on the Internet video “BRAND GUARDIANS” designed to transmit Japanese fashion known globally for its surpassing creativity and quality not only domestically but also to Asia and the rest of the world.